Coastal Carwash
You've never seen your car this clean before.

We are a Flex Service Wash, which is a hybrid between your traditional Full Service Wash and Express Wash.

Here's how Coastal Carwash is not your average carwash:

The Seafoam Bath

The Seafoam Bath is our patented soap that deep cleans and protects your paint.

The Latest Car Wash Technology

We have the best cleaning machines money can buy, as well as our Auto-teller, which makes paying as easy as using an ATM.

The Superb Waxing

Armor All Professional® Extreme Shine Wax™ is formulated with advanced polymers and carnauba wax to produce a shine

What makes our Seafoam Bath different

This highly concentrated low pH conditioner covers every inch of you vehicle leaving it with the best wash and shine around.

Take a look at what Coastal Carwash can do for you

Detailing Services

Coastal Carwash offers a large range of Exterior, Interior and À La Carte detailing services.

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Take a Wash on the Wild Side!

Watch our video for an in-cabin view of Coastal's amazing automated wash services!

Unlimited Wash Club

Wash frequently? Coastal Car Wash offers Unlimited Wash Club membership, where you can wash as much as you want for one low monthly fee.

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